5 Summer Fun Tips

5 Summer Fun Tips

Summer is coming (hopefully) so its time to put away the wellies and waterproofs (hopefully) and dig out the swimsuits and suncream. With 7 weeks of for your kids it can be hard to fill up every day but here are somethings you should get in the dairy for this summer to make it the best one yet.

The Back Garden Waterslide

These are becoming more and more popular year after year. On one of the really hot days you should set one of these up for your kids. All you need is some grass, a plastic tarp and a hose and you can watch your kids slip and slide the day away. The only problem you will have is trying to get them off it.

Bug I Spy

It’s a really simple game and you can download a worksheet off the internet pretty easily. Let your little people loose in the back garden or the park looking for some mini beasts.


This one is for those clear summer nights. If you have a telescope then great if not you can download a stargazing app from free on your phone or tablet. Take blanket out to the back garden, lie back and look that at the stars. ¬†We’ve spent countless hours during the summer looking at the constellations. The little ones love it.

Back Garden Camping

You don’t need to travel far to go camping and if you kids are still really young then this is the best place to introduce them to life in the great outdoors. Stock up on marshmallows and hot chocolate. Charge up the torches and get ready for a great night outdoors reading stories and playing “campfire” games while nipping into the house to use some of your “home” comforts.

A Festival

You don’t need to grab Glastonbury tickets to enjoy some live music. Get a bluetooth speaker, set up a Spotify playlist and grab some of mum’s hairbrushes and have your very own concert in your garden. Your little ones will love jumping about and putting dance moves together while the sing the latest Little Mix tracks or if your like me your kids festival might be a bit more like Download.

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