Family Game Night

Family Game Night

There are some occasions like Christmas were the done thing is to crack open Monopoly in the evening and the whole family can enjoy a game at the table after the dinners cleared but why do we only do this at Christmas? You should think about introducing a family game night every week. There is nothing better than sitting around  with the fire on and the TV turned off playing some games. You might find you get more conversation out of your kids during game time than dinner time. Here are some of our favourite board games that you should check out.


Watch Ya Mouth

You have probably heard of this one or maybe seen some funny videos on Facebook or Youtube. Its a really simple game. All you need to do is put the mouth piece in and try and say the words or phrases that are on one of the cards while the rest of the family try and guess what it is you are saying. Sounds easy but trust me its not. This is one of the funniest games we have every played and its fun for all the family.






Its tried and tested but you can spend hours playing this. Chances are you already have a set somewhere in the loft or at the very back of the cupboard in your house but with very little set up time and no major rules to follow like Cluedo or Monopoly this is the perfect way to get everyone playing in no time at all.

Pie Face

This is kind of similar to Watch Ya Mouth. Stick some whipped cream on the hand, spin the wheel and turn the handle. That is all there is to it. This is hilarious. What really funny is watching how much your kids will laugh. I’ve seen tears stream down the faces of the young ones in my house playing this game.

Simon Swipe

This game has been about since the 1970’s but its still as addictive and fun today but this comes with a modern day twist. If you have kids who are glued to their phones or iPads then this might be right up their street.

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